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It's Your Move

 Big Lou began his moving career back in 1985. Terry V., owner of Hans Movers, took Lou under his wing and taught him the trade skill of moving personal belongings of people and businesses alike. With Terry’s teachings, Lou learned a great skill, but more importantly the importance of offering the highest amount of customer care. Lou’s big personality along with his big capabilities of being the guy who could easily move piano’s, was known, loved, and remembered by many as BIG LOU.

Big Lou eventually went on to work in other trades, but in 2011, he was called upon to help a friend’s Chicago based moving company. Big Lou passed down the knowledge he gained to his own son, Drew, when he joined his team. They worked 3 years together on the trucks before Big Lou retired from the physical labor, and took over operations in the office.

Drew worked hard for 12 years gaining moving experience, and decided to go out on his own to build his own brand. A brand with all the qualities his father had instilled in him. Opening a company which meets the needs of those who entrust him and his team with their belongings. A company and brand dedicated to not only just picking up a box and moving it from home to truck, but ensuring every mover employed takes pride in their work and offer the highest standards of customer experience. Big Lou's Move Crew is a small-time moving company making a BIG-time difference in the “mover for hire” industry. With everything his father taught him through life and work, it was obvious to Drew to honor his father, and create a legacy by naming his own company after the man, the myth, the legend… BIG LOU.

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